New Zealand is a young country where independence, initiative and resourcefulness are more highly regarded than status or rules. As a student here you’ll be encouraged to be questioning, flexible and to seek your own answers by thinking for yourself.

Before you start your application, you need to plan your study, work out how you’ll support yourself in NZ and check which documents you need to provide with your application.

Making study and travel plans before you apply

To qualify for a student visa, you’ll need:

  • to be accepted for a course at an education institute approved by the Ministry of Education or the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)
  • money for your tuition fees or proof that you have a scholarship that pays your fees
  • proof you have enough money to live on while you’re in NZ, and
  • a ticket out of NZ or evidence that you enough money to buy one.

Swift Processing

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Some Helpful Insights

Choosing a course

Find a program of study or qualification that suits you.

Find primary, intermediate and secondary schools that teach international students.

If you’re applying for a Pathway Student Visa, you must study with a Pathway Education Provider.

Paying your living expenses

To support yourself while you study in NZ, you need to show you have one of the following:

  • NZD$15,000 for your first year of study
  • NZD$1250 for each month if your programme of study is less than 36 months
  • a scholarship, such as a New Zealand Aid Programme scholarship, or
  • a sponsor or family member who’s agreed to accept financial responsibility for you while you’re in NZ.

Cost of living