What is an LMIA?

An LMIA is a document that shows that a Canadian employer has attempted to fill a job locally but was unable to do so successfully and is therefore permitted to hire a foreign employee.

There are various work permit streams and programs that fall under the IMP, many of which could give you the opportunity to eventually apply for permanent residency through various provincial programs or federal economic programs such as the Canadian Experience Class, which falls under the Express Entry system.

What Is the International Mobility Program (IMP)?

The International Mobility Program (IMP) allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers without an LMIA if the position serves Canada’s cultural and economic interests. This makes for faster processing and a much simpler application process than that of the Temporary Foriegn Worker Program, which requires an LMIA and is labour market dependent.

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How Do I Apply Through the IMP?

Step 1: Job Offer

Your prospective employer will need to submit an official job offer in Canada via the Employer Portal.

Step 2: Apply for Work Permit

Once this has been done, you will be able to apply for your temporary foreign work permit. You will need your offer of employer number to complete your application. If eligible to work in Canada, your application will be approved and you will receive A letter of introduction and a work permit from a Canada border services officer OR A new work permit (if you live in Canada or apply when you enter Canada).

Step 3: Prepare for Your New Job in Canada

Once you have your work permit and travel visa you can get ready to start anew in Canada.